Production of Cyclic Carbonates from CO2 using Renewable Feedstocks

CyclicCO2R aims to develop a continuous process that converts CO2 and bio-based renewables into high value-added products in a way that is sustainable and competitive with conventional fossil-based processes. The highly efficient integrated process will remove the dependency on fossil fuels and increase the energy efficiency such that it creates a reduction in CO2 emissions.


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  • Summary CyclicCO2R project published

    You can find this summary under our publications in the media page...

  • CyclicCO2R youtube movie released

    We made a movie about the work we did within the CyclicCO2R project. You can watch it...

  • CO2Go app released

    Freely avalaible for your iPad in the AppStore and in your Browser: the app, that challenges you to make the best mix of selected products with most profit from a CO2 source. More about the app can be found at...

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