Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem, initiated by TNO, ECN, Topsector Chemistry, Ministry of Economic Affairs and several companies, connects the electricity sector to the chemical industry in order to develop and implement new technologies for the conversion of renewable energy to heat, hydrogen and chemicals. Both sectors met on 17th March 2016 at the second annual VoltaChem conference.

  • Summary CyclicCO2R project published

    You can find this summary under our publications in the media page...

  • CyclicCO2R youtube movie released

    We made a movie about the work we did within the CyclicCO2R project. You can watch it...

  • CO2Go app released

    Freely avalaible for your iPad in the AppStore and in your Browser: the app, that challenges you to make the best mix of selected products with most profit from a CO2 source. More about the app can be found at...

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